We Need Trust

Teams are made and formed by relationships. The members do not necessarily need to be best buddies or best friends, but two essential elements are important to build a healthy relationship and, therefore, cultivate a good teamwork: trust and respect. Relationships are built over time, when one person has respect for another. Gradually, trust beings to build, too. You don’t have to be a close personal friend with everyone at work, but you do always need to show each person respect and professionalism.

If there is no professional trust among group members, team will never perform at par. At the same time, there must be a balance between being personal and professional to our team members. If we become extremely professional by delegating tasks and demand results with paid for the work done attitude, the team will not work.  We have to use some emotional intelligence and connect with the other employees.

Here are some guidelines to facilitate accountability and build trust among your team:

1. Define duties

2. Be clear with prospective employees during the interview process.

3. Define your expectations in a workplace policy manual.

4. Outline the time commitment and set aside adequate time for each task.

5. Be careful to not overload your staff with too many commitments or too many interruptions.

6. Avoid showing favoritism toward specific team members.

7. Encourage your team members to stand up and lead.

Sincere listening will increase your level of teamwork! To do this, ask questions. Instead of giving direct orders, ask questions to guide your team members to think through issues and come up with their own solutions. You will find that ownership and subsequent responsibility for the task increase when the team member develops the solution. Lastly, value your staff. Reassure your team members that their contribution and leadership does have a huge impact on your company’s growth and survival.

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5 responses to “We Need Trust

  • tjmorrey


    I really enjoyed reading your blog. I think you make great points on building trust and what are the necessary things people can do to help make their teamwork better ultimately creating a better work environment. I agree with you completely when you say that relationships are built over time when one person has respect for another which leads to trust building with that person. Great job!

  • laisogata

    Hi TJ,
    Thanks for reading my blog!
    Yes, I think it is extremely important to build healthy relationships with trust and respect, when forming a team. That way, you know you can cont on the people working next to you, as well as they will count on you.
    It is a lot more enjoyable to work with people you trust!

  • Joana_JW

    People in a company are like various part of an organism where every single part contributes for the overall well being and thus TRUST is like the life blood 🙂 It is easy to walk alone but the difficulty is in managing pace with others. Thanks for sharing this, I am sure it will be a great help for all!

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