Leaders For A Better Teamwork

One of the most important aspects of effective teamwork is effective leadership. This means that the team leader should have the skills to create and maintain a working culture that is positive, which in turn will help to motivate. This helps to motivate and even inspire the team members to get involved in creating an environment where there is a positive approach to work, along with high levels of commitment.

A good team leader is a person who not only focuses himself/herself on the purpose and direction of the team, but also makes sure that the other members of the team share this focus. A good team leader also has to be able to promote a high level of morale amongst the team members so that they feel supported and valued. Promoting synergy in the team is also part of the leader’s role. Synergy is when two or more people are working together and the result is greater than the sum of their individual capabilities. What gives a team synergy is when each person uses and shares his or her skills. Their skills are the tools in their toolbox.

Recently updates define the ideal “leader of the future” with collaboration as a guiding principle. A strong motivator to becoming a better partner with your leader-peers is to take stock of what notcollaborating is costing you. But must of all, a leader must be a team player. Potential leaders make colleagues feel valued by showing interest in their ideas. When they disagree, they position their disagreement so as to create the impression that they are building on the ideas of others, not saying that everyone else is wrong. The most effective team players know the importance of encouraging people in order to motivate them to contribute even more. Poor team players do just the opposite.

Employees with leadership potential reduce conflict and disharmony in a team. They know how to get people focused on what they have in common whether it is shared values, shared objectives or the bigger picture. They get people excited about their work by showing enthusiasm and a sense of urgency.

So, do you think you would be a good leader and get the best from your team? What are your thoughts about of how a leader affects a team?

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