The Power of a Team

Hello readers!
Today I won’t give tips or advises, I won’t say what to do or not to do. Today I will tell a little story. Not a fairytale, but one of my best stories which and I am proud of, and with a happy ending thanks for the power of a great team.

On my senior year playing for the University of Nevada Women’s Tennis Team, we beat Boise State. That wasn’t just a victory, that was a historical victory because that have never happened before. The week before this event, our team had lost to University of the Pacific, which was a not expected result. The coaches, seeing out poor performance, ran a meeting after at the end of the day saying the main reason for our loss was because we were not behaving like a team. We were only seven individual players worried with our own problems and not looking around for the others. And that was unacceptable!

As more important matches were getting close, including the conference, we needed to find a solution for the improvement of the team, making it more cohesive. The leaders then (me, and the two other senior at that time) decided to gather all the girls and solve together. A meeting was held at one of the player’s apartment with pizzas and casual talks, as a normal team hang out. But it was also time to take care of business.

We all agreed that a good way to put the team together was to make sure that all the members were in the same page, and by “same page” we meant all the players aware of our common goal, and strong and weak points of each of us. In order for that to happen, we and sat down and start to talk about what each of us was bringing to the team, and where we each could improve. At this point, it was important not to take any critical in personal, but professionally, understanding that it was done for the good of the team.

Well, one was told to cheer more, other was told to talk more, and others were told to be more supportive. At the end, all of us were clear of what we had to work on in order for the team to grow. And the result I already told you. It was victory! We were not only happy for the achievement, but for the fact that we all made it TOGETHER!

That will be one of the best memories I will keep in my heart. That day we proved the power of a real team and what it is able to do.


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