About Me

  Hello everybody! Welcome to my blog Teamwork!
My purpose in this page is to emphasize the topic Teamwork, showing the importance of counting on and working with other people when reaching success. My desire is to share ideas, events and experiences with the surfers and other bloggers, as well as read the same from them. But first, in order to understand the reason of my topic choice, I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my story.

My full name is Lais Miwa Koga Ogata. I was born in Brazil, but my family is originally from Japan, which explains my Asian traits. Since I was seven  years old, I always liked to play tennis, and after some encouragement from the parents it did not take long for me to be training hard and competing.  At the age of 14, I was a top 3 player in Brazil, being convened to play many international tournaments for the country. I consider the peak of my tennis career when I played for the Brazilian team next to other two girls at the Junior Tennis World Final in Czech Republic, earning the 3rd position right after Czech Republic and Canada.

From the age of 15 to 18 years old I stepped to the next level playing professional tournaments dreaming that one day I would be a top 50 in the world. As any career, being an athlete takes a lot of commitment plus many hours of training. After I graduated from high school, I realized that my interest had switched from the Grand Slams to having a bachelor’s degree and a future career as a successful executive. As I pursued and opportunities opened luckily to me, I was recruited to play for the Wolf Pack Women’s Tennis Team at the University of Nevada, Reno, where I currently live.

I arrived in Reno in January of 2008, and here I lived the best four years of my life so far, embracing the opportunity of having a degree and to keep doing what I love the most, playing tennis. Most importantly, I had the chance to know many valuable people including my coaches and teammates. With them, throughout this college tennis career, I have learned the effectiveness of a teamwork and the value of trustful people working next  and helping each other in oder to reach their goals.

Currently, I am finishing my degree in Business Management and I work as the Assistant Coach for the Women’s Tennis Team at UNR. I love working with the players and I believe in the effectiveness of a real team working towards a common goal. Therefore, my friends, if you have same interests or anything to share, feel free to contact me or write on my blog so we can have nice conversations.


Lais Ogata




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